Friday, May 11, 2012

Sick Boy Bummers

B has asthma. It gets pretty crazy sometimes: trying to take care of his needs, our needs as a family, keep my sanity. Yesterday he relapsed and we needed to take him in for  oxygen and steroids (Bleg. Steroids. Don't they know I want grandbabies?!?). So, this week we will be needing to give him frequent and regular nebulizer treatments, which he hates. We're lucky to get him a treatment when he's having an attack, honestly.

Today something very special happened! This morning we made cookies for Mother's Day to give to my Grandma when she comes to visit. I gave Brennan a cookie as we sat down for a treatment. I thought, "Maybe if I reward him, he'll stay on my lap." We were about 10 minutes late to start his treatment, so I was pretty much willing to do anything to get him to sit with me for 10 minutes. We flipped on some Sid the Science Kid, sat down with the nebulizer and turned it on. I put the mask over his face. Here is the novel part: he didn't push me away. In fact, he took a bite of cookie, stuck his face in the mask, and told me about his medicine.

"Momma, my may-sine make my tummy feel all better," he says pointing to his chest.

As we continued with his treatment, he even took his own turn holding the mask. At the end, cookie got some Albuterol too.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. For a year, I have been fighting him for every single treatment. All of the screaming, and crying, and working him into a greater attack just to treat the original symptoms: it's stressful. Most of the time, I would rock him to sleep, slip his anti-static chamber over his face, and sneak some Albuterol into his system so he'd stop wheezing. Now that he understands his noisy little panda bear helps him, our lives will become a little more peaceful.

I'm so proud of this little sugar bean. I cannot count the nights I have stayed up all night with him just praying and hoping he will make it until morning. I know that there are many of those nights to come, but I am so happy today. I am so grateful that I will have the ability to peacefully help his little lungs relax. I'm grateful that it will be less of a fight to make him feel better. I'm grateful for movies and snuggles at 3am. I am so grateful for modern medecine. I don't know what mommas did before they could help their little ones.


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