Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kickin it off FHE style

So, I have to admit. I have made this blog because I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I use it constantly. But, my obsession has also lead to a more organized home. It's lead to me being quite the activity activist too, not to mention all of the seasonal decorating and baking!

Sometimes I think that I could contribute some of my home-life to the site, yet my home life doesn't fit in with any of my other web sites. So, here you have it. The random site of whatever I'm thinking. I suspect that most of my postings will be activities with my children and family oriented things, thus the name Blogging With Children.

This is a simple Family Home Evening we did this week. It was easy to do with our toddlers, because they are used to talking about things they love before bed time. I decoratively wrote gratitude (cleverly spelling it grattitude so that I didn't have to write attitude of gratitude and we would have more space). From there, we just starting listing the things that make our lives what they are until we filled the page. We could have gone for several pages. Then, we hung it on our fridge: planning to keep it there for the week.

This activity was simple and fulfilling. I had the idea when a facebook friend posted, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked the Lord for Today?" It had me thinking that my family needed a little gratitude.


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